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GradeStrides, LLC
Specializing in At-Home Activities and Laboratory Investigations for Math and Science

Managing The Covid Crisis

As Colleges and K-12 institutions struggle to manage the responsibility of educating students while mitigating the current situation, GradeStrides, LLC lab manuals and activity books, specializing in "at-home math and science investigations", are a fantastic, forward-thinking pedagogical approach. Whether your school will complete the entire semester online, start online and transfer to seated when cases subside, or start seated and manage quarantined students, the Course Guide Books and Beyond the Lab Manuals will ensure students are actually performing hand's-on math and science investigations with everyday materials found around their homes, at a general  store or a home improvement store. Students will not just clicking through simulations on flat computer screens. They will use chemicals and food from the kitchen, items from the garage, and office supplies. Students will not be asked to spend money on unnecessary lab supplies. The items required are usually found within a typical home or inexpensively purchased. Measurements are carried out using kitchen cooking supplies, garage tools or student designed and calibrated measuring devices. While these Learning Materials began development years prior to the pandemic, they have become exceptionally helpful to teachers around the globe as they attempt to offer authentic math and science experiences to students learning from home.

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Intended Uses For GradeStrides Products:

Online Students
Quarantined Students
Short Term Absence
Long Term Absence
Homeschool Students
Rural Setting Students
Independent Study
Reversed Classrooms
Flipped Classrooms
Enrichment Programs
Science Clubs
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Historically, great minds like Newton, Pasteur, and McClintock, made mountains of phenomena observations first then developed relationships and theories that supported their observations.  Why then do we teach math and science reversed with lecture first and then perform labs and activities that model what students have already heard?
How does traditional education foster curiosity?  
It doesn't. GradeStrides does. 

Introductory courses taught from a heavy textbook perspective, instead of a constructivist conceptual foundation, defeat student curiosity and motivation. GradeStrides, LLC products such as the Course Guide Books and Beyond the Lab Manuals are designed to  inspire users to think like scientists and see that math and science is omnipresent every day in all that we do. Math and science does not just happen in a classroom or laboratory.  It is not something that happens only with rocket ships and petri dishes, but also with office supplies, bathroom cleaners, and house plants.

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