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This Course Activity Guide contains over 100 hands-on Guided Labs, Inquiry Investigations, and Engineering Projects for students to actively perform and process fundamental Physics concepts using materials found in and around their own homes like kitchen chemicals, food products, office supplies, and garage items. Each activity is carefully aligned with the NGSS Standards. Students will acquire scientific knowledge through researching, measuring, modeling, quantifying, graphing, analyzing, and applying the concepts presented in a typical General Physics Course. With this constructivist approach students will be doing, doing, doing the process of science with their own hands instead of passively acquiring knowledge through simulation clicking. By participating in the Learning Cycle laid out in this unique approach, students will follow the same steps of real Scientists by Researching major principles of a concept, following several Guided Labs, applying their learning to their daily life, and then designing their own Inquiry Based Investigations. 

Conceptual Physics: Course Guide Book and Lab Manual

  • This Course Guide Book includes:

    • Over 70 Hands-On Guided Labs Using Everyday Household Items.
    • Over 60 Probing Application Activities for students to observe and write about Science Concepts they find in their real world experiences. 
    • Over 30 opportunities for students to develop and test their own Inquiry Based Investigations using Everyday Household Items. 
    • Multiple Large Projects using Cross Cutting Objectives for students to make associations between concepts and between Science Disciplines. 
    • Over 30 opportunities for students to research and develop their own Literature Reviews just like real peer reviewed authors in Scientific