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These books are dedicated to every young person on the planet. 

May you never stop asking “why”.

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Stephanie A. Blake taught Physics, Anatomy and Physiology, and Chemistry in an urban high school in the Midwest for fourteen years, with twelve of those teaching dual enrollment Physics for Missouri State University, and six of them as the Science Department Head before moving to Ozarks Technical Community College, in Springfield, Missouri as a science instructor full time in 2014. Her original undergraduate degree was a major in Biology with a minor in chemistry and a minor in physics. She obtained teaching certificates in all four content areas of middle school and high school science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Science) as well as in Mathematics. However, once in the classroom she quickly fell in love with the teaching of physics in particular. She went on to obtain Advanced Placement Certification in Algebra Based Newtonian Mechanics, Algebra Based Electricity and Magnetism, Calculus Based Newtonian Mechanics, and Calculus Based Electricity and Magnetism. She also obtained National Board Certification in Physics. In addition to multiple Master’s Degrees in the science content areas, she also has multiple advanced degrees in Educational Leadership. As a result, she is also a certified secondary principal. Her awards include two time Teacher of the Year Finalist for Springfield Public Schools, USA Today National Teacher of the Year Honorable Mention and Site Team Teacher of the Year for Parkview High School. She has presented at several National and Regional Conventions (including the National Science Teachers Association) on the topics of Elementary Physics Laboratory Exercises, Presentation of Bioethics in the Classroom, Classroom Walkthroughs as a Professional Development Tool, and Cell Phones and Selfies: Using Phones as Tools Not Toys. Ms. Blake has served on Science Safety Committees, Curriculum Adoption Committees, Professional Development Committees and Accreditation Committees at the Site, District and State Level. Stephanie is also one of the original users of Conceptual Academy and now co-produces biology video lessons for Conceptual Academy courses. She published her first book "Conceptual Physics: Beyond the Lab Manual" in 2014.  Since then, that book has inspired two additional series in science, the Course Guide Books and Beyond the Classroom series, as well as branched out of physics to include biology, chemistry, earth science, and mathematics. She is the founder and CEO of GradeStrides, LLC.

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